Many thanks for my immune system tonic David! I can feel the difference it makes and in such a short time! Your attention to detail was amazing!

Amanda Kerr


Great! Thanks a lot David. I really appreciate your great work!

Jarrod Darling


David, your immune booster not only prepared my system for the virus but the cuts are healing really fast… bonus!

Vicky Thomas


I have been lucky to be under David’s care for quite a few years now and feel he has steered my health concerns well.

Thank you, David,

yours faithfully,

Jane Boden.


I am writing to express my gratitude for your caring and expert assistance in treating some serious health conditions that I am challenged with – namely glaucoma slash  retinal attachment and a persistent very high blood pressure.

I am particularly impressed by your willingness to educate me in the process of selecting supplements. I feel like I am receiving double value!!

I also appreciate your willingness to accommodate my limited budget, always coming up with helpful and affordable alternatives.

Thank you once again,

Chris Sadlier.


For the past 2 years David Adler has been my naturopath at Friendlies Chemist in Claremont WA.  I have always found his integrity, professionalism and extensive knowledge to be outstanding. 

David’s politeness and respect to customers is so rare and appreciated.

Peter Isbister


I have known Mr David Adler ND for some years now since you commence working for Friendlies Chemist as a naturopath.

As a long-time customer of Friendlies, I regard him as a very competent knowledgeable and kind naturopath who explains everything about all kinds of medicine or herbs to the public before they buy them.

He does not only attend to the public needs but many times a week provides consultation to those who seek his advice as well on any vitamin or herb product.

 I wish him luck and success in all his professional life.

Your sincerely,

Domingos de Oliveira.


My confidence in David’s skill is warranted in the face of our improved health outcomes.

I observed that David works consistently and courteously with generosity of time and skill in focusing on the customers naturopathic needs. He demonstrates the Integrity of never recommending a product which might be contraindicated with prescribed medicine. David displays professional commitment to learning through regularly attending courses and seminars which further form and inform him of current best practice and this in turn directly benefits customers. David is reliable in procedure, with attention to ensuring an order is placed and if a product is out of stock in the pharmacy.

David’s commitment to the well-being of customers was world demonstrated very recently when he was due to leave work at the end of the day.  I had arrived very late in the pharmacy, yet he displayed a unique level of integrity and work ethic of caring and concern to stay back at work to ensure my child with disability had her needs met for a specific product.  Such sensitivity and care for customers builds trust and customer loyalty.

I offer My highest recommendation for David in his role as a highly skilled courteous, focused and caring naturopath. 

Fiona Cameron-Cullity. 


I have known David for several years through his work at Friendlies pharmacy Claremont. he’s always friendly, efficient and willing to assist.  I have confidence in his recommendations and find them always to be of great help.  He’s also very thorough in his explanations and happy to answer any questions. 

Pamela Carey.


I cannot speak highly enough of David. He is always polite, caring and genuine. He also goes above and beyond the call of duty, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make an informed choice of the various products available.

He   genuinely cares about me and my well-being and I know that he will leave no stone unturned when it comes to sourcing products that will improve my health. His attention to detail is impressive and you get the feeling that if David cannot answer a question, he will make sure that he can find the answer for you.

David also has great empathy and I can feel that I can trust his opinion because he goes out of his way to back up his suggested products with the science behind them. He never pushes any product knowing that it is a joint effort to find the right one and ultimately, it’s up to the individual to make an informed choice.

Gaela Hiditch. 


My wife and I have been consulting David Adler, naturopath, for about 2 years now.  We are impressed by David’s command of the discipline and the detailed knowledge of the various supplements and medications available.

Beyond this, we appreciate David’s unstinting devotion to us in terms of the amount of time he characteristically spends advising us, whether in a formal paid consultation or in a casual discussion at the counter.  He is always able to present a logical, reasoned explanation to support the treatment he recommends. If a standard product is not available to suit our needs, he invariably comes up with a suitable herbal remedy.

 In short, we are extremely satisfied with David’s services and highly recommend him.

Sincerely w. John Ferrell OAM and Margaret Ferrell. 


On behalf of our Southside Crohns and Colitis support group I would like to sincerely thank you for your time to talk to our members. I have had excellent feedback from everyone, and we did appreciate your effort.

The information you gave us was well presented and understood. With thanks from our group and apologies for my late letter. I have been overseas. We will keep in touch. 

Sincerely Jackie Kirley.


Unhappy with my hospitals outcome my daughter and I sought naturopathic advice from David who recommended Q10 to strengthen my heart  function,  so I started taking the co Q10 chewable tablets twice daily as recommended by him and over a period of time approximately one month my heart’s stabilized and became regular at which point I reduced my few 10 to one tablet per day. I have continued this ever since and my heartbeat remains perfectly regular. My energy levels have improved and normalised and I’m no longer always cold. 

Since my heartbeat irregularity had been increasing between May and June and the symptoms of tiredness have been increasing it would have been reasonable to expect this to continue until my heart but perhaps missed enough beats to stop altogether. I personally believe that I was slowly dying and that David prescribing Q10 is the only reason that I’m alive and well today.

Thea Lake.